Doc V bio

Doc V was born Jeffrey Ian Victor in Los Angeles, California in 1949, the son of two teachers, both Jewish.  His dad, Gene, is one of the “winningest” basketball coaches in America, and his mom, Lila, was a career teacher and administrator in El Monte, California.

But all wasn’t “rosy” for Doc V.  His parents divorced when he was about seven and that had an effect on him emotionally. Early on, during his junior high school days he learned guitar and wrote songs to help with his inward depression and feeling of loss. After high school and in his late teen years, he cascaded into deeper depression, loneliness and trouble. As a result, music faded from his life.

Although he was successful on the outside by becoming an all San Gabriel county CIF Basketball selection, a NCAA Division I College basketball starting guard and a pro basketball talent, he began to fall from a life of success to a life of hurts and confusion.

After marrying Joyce in 1973, he became very sick from a hyperactive thyroid that nearly killed him.  Weighing about 150 pounds on his 6’3” frame, he sought help from “the unknown God” and by the mercy of God he was restored and healed physically.  But it took him six years of fighting the God that healed him for him to see Jesus as his savior, who he accepted in 1979.

Dr. Jeff and his wife Joyce have 8 children born every other year since 1975.

He has worked as a teacher and a coach in Kern and Tulare counties in California for 20 years; during that time, he also served as an evangelist, pastor and preacher. In 1996, he started developing what later became known as Summit Bible College, of Bakersfield, California, which is the largest independent bible college for ministers in the county.

Doc picked up the guitar again 15 years ago to lead worship with other staff members at the college. Desiring to produce new songs, he began writing songs 10 years ago, and in 2015 he recorded his first album called “In All His Power.”

His second album debuted on May 15, 2016, and is called “Nothing Can Hold Me Back.” This album is a compilation of several genres and has been met with much enthusiasm from the public.